Final Year Briefs

A quick overview of the briefs which were given to us as potential options to our final year design project. Currently no real ideas jumping out at me, but I am drawn to the briefs in bold.

  • Watersports
  • Sustainable spatial design
    Exhibition design
    Retail design space
    Event design space
    Radial design
    Transit design
  • Autism
  • Future fashion/textiles
  • Future food – entomophagy
  • Innovation and design within the bathroom
  • Packaging design
  • Kitchen tool design
  • Kitchen social interaction
  • Design solutions for the home
  • Formula student project
  • Community and co-design
  • WOWO campsite
  • Motivation through games
  • Design meets disability
  • Giraffe design
  • Beauty and usability
  • Inspired by nature
  • Urban chic and natures
  • Design events for hardware and software

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