Practice Sketching

This summer along with doing research as to what I could possibly look into for my final year project, I also decided to try and improve my sketching and rendering. Mainly in the digital format as I felt this was where I lacked experience.The following images are just a few of which were done in Sketchbook Pro on the Ipad.

The first three images I did mainly as fun quick warm up excercises.

The next two images were just attempts at rendering something a bit more complicated. Being I havent drawn a car for a while I was pretty happy with the outcome, definitely need to get more practice in though.

And having never drawn a bicycle before I was more than happy with this image.

These drawings were done on the Ipads version of Sketchbook Pro. Brilliant for doing quick renders and sketches. But I would definitely stick to using Photoshop or SketchBook on my computer to do final renderings.


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