Invisible Helmet

Some seven years in the making, and the “invisible” helmet has been made into a reality. Despite the obvious benefits of wearing a helmet people still choose not to wear one, most saying that helmets are bulky, ugly and annoying to carry around when you’re not riding. In my opinion a small price to pay for what may be your life.

The “invisible” helmet does well in blending fashion and technology together, and as far as I can see from the video actually does well in protecting the rider from collisions. However its seems that once the helmet has been deployed its useless, and a whole new helmet will have to be bought. Yes I know even with current helmets involved in an accident, a new one will probably have to be bought, but at $600 a piece it is a bit steep for my liking.

Definitely an interesting product and hopefully the price will go down and help encourage the use of it.

Website –

Video Link –


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