Flat Pack Mouse

No matter how many compact travel mouses I have tried nothing ever comes close to the feeling of having a full size one. However when travelling and on the go these compact size mouses are all your bag can fit. Enter the flat pack mouse. Designed by Taewon Hwang, it addresses the issue of portability whilst keeping a fully functional mouse.

The concept, when flat packed fits into the CD ROM drive of your laptop and cleverly folds (origami style) into a mouse when needed. The folding gives the mouse a very unique stealthy feel, looking like a futuristic car or plane. The shape also looks like the mouse will be quite comfortable to grip, closer to a full size mouse compared to current miniature ones No compromises have been made either, have all the features of your average mouse, left and right click and a middle scroll wheel.

In terms of feasibility I was originally a bit sceptical, as the technology required to make it seemed a bit out of reach. However I was actually blown away upon doing some research and realising the technology actually exists! The biggest shock to me was finding out that the battery actually exists!

Probably the best solution currently available is the Arch touch by Microsoft.

Having actually tried this product myself, I can say it does well in providing a useable mouse close to a full size one, while still providing a compact solution. However I did find it uncomfortable due to there being a gap where my thumb and last finger would normally rest. A problem which I think the flat pack mouse wont encounter.

Will this be a product we be able to own in the near future?? Hard to say. All I know is that I want one!

Link to video on battery technology – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3WxZBC5LY0Y


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